New album out on november 29. 2019
Ise is a danish songwriter who makes music with an instrument in her hand. Ise, also known as X Factor runner up finalist Annelouise Adolph, moved directly from Parken to Tønder Festival, where she played with legend Niels Hausgaard.
She released her first album Kø på Himalaya in 2013 with songs that revolved around our adventure seeking attitude inspired by her dad, who loves to travel to the outskirts of the world, while her mom is at home with a contrasting urge to visit small danish cities as Ribe and Gilleleje. In 2017 Ise is the lead vocalist on Lindring’s indie pop album Giv tid, a collection of alternative versions of songs from Den Danske Højskolesangbog.
Ise sits by the piano on her next hand played pop release Født på kanten, released in november 2019. The vibe and music on this ep is inspired by Trille and Nick Cave and focuses on lyric poetry and live sound.

Reach Ise on 28551562 or write to